Catch the iPhone Fever

(Not That You Have a Choice)

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iPhone, iPhone, iPhone. IPHONE!!!!!

I'm not buying one. I'm not camping out for one. I don't care about them. I've got a year left on my contract for this slightly retarded Razr. But for those who do want to catch the wave of iPhone hysteria, some links ...

iPhone is bigger than you think it is. That's not a metaphor. The thing is literally bigger than you probably think it is. Big hands are being used in some advertising to make it seem like a wee little bit of a thing.

The media loves 'em some iPhone. In fact, the media sucks up so much to Apple that it's shameful.

Not so fast! The media (at least one person claims) isn't in the evil clutches of Mr. Jobs and the hype is well deserved.

But if you're going to insist on buying one anyway ... and you know you are ... here's a handy-dandy camping guide. Have fun sleeping on the cobbled streets of Soho. Perhaps Star Wars geeks can swing by and laugh at you for a change! Actually, who are we kidding. You know you're going to force your assistant to camp out.
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