How Much Is That Celebrity in the Front Row?

The Fashion World's Spin on Product Placement

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So you thought the fashion world was this authentic place where real live celebrities just showed up on the side of runways because they wanted to? HA! Foolish, naive child. Celebrities are PAID to sit there and act as if they're interested in watching people even skinnier than them walking back and forth while wearing bird feathers and bottle caps and what-have-you. Fashionista has a breakdown of who gets what for performing such life-affirming and important work. Rihanna's going to cost you $100,000. Want an Olsen twin? $80,000. And no you don't get a discount for ordering the complete set! You can get a Kardashian for as little as $35,000 (no word on if they'll throw in free hand sanitizer). But fans of "Jersey Shore" may be disappointed to learn the cast can't even get an invite to snobby old fashion shows. I say, "No Snooki, no deal."

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