CEOs, Please Report to the Principal's Office

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Maybe we slept through a week or two in civics class, but it just strikes us as odd when city governments (or better yet non-elected city commissions) start summoning CEOs of major corporations into their chambers to explain themselves. Latest case in point is Chicago Alderman Edward Burke going after fast-food restaurants for their use of trans-fats. Apparently, having solved all of Chicago's other problems, it's time to move on.

"'Mr. chairman, I would request of you ... that you invite the CEO of McDonalds ... the CEO of Kentucky Fried Chicken, the CEO of Burger King and the CEO of Wendy's to testify before this committee,' Burke said. ... 'I think that your invitation to these CEOs, Mr. Chairman, to come here and explain to us why they continue to use an unhealthy process when they know full well that they're putting their customers at risk, would be an excellent precedent.' Burke said. 'It would be groundbreaking.'"

Groundbreaking, indeed. Who does this guy think he is, the New York City Commission on Human Rights or something? Heck, five of us here in the office have decided to summon the executives in charge of morning "news" shows to explain their definitions of the word news.
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