Three Cheers for Consumerist and Circuit City's Jim Babb

The Blogosphere Strikes Again

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One of the great things about blogs is their power to embarrass companies. The other great thing about blogs is that sometimes they not only embarrass companies, but they provide useful lessons for all involved. Such is a recent case when roundly mocked Circuit City's corporate management for being a bunch of humorless, overly sensitive fools. Apparently some Circuit City stores carry Mad magazine. When Mad magazine ran a parody ad for a store called Sucker City, someone in corporate operations reacted quickly to order all the magazines removed and destroyed. But!

Seems that a guy by the name of Jim Babb, over in Circuit City's corporate communications department, got wind of this and put his foot down. He's sent a letter of apology to Consumerist and Mad. And the letter was sort of funny:
As a gesture of our apology and deep respect for the folks at MAD Magazine, we are creating a cross-departmental task force to study the importance of humor in the corporate workplace and expect the resulting Powerpoint presentation to top out at least 300 pages, chock full of charts, graphs and company action plans.

In addition I have offered to send the MAD Magazine Editor a $20.00 Circuit City Gift Card, toward the purchase of a Nintendo Wii....if he can find one!
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