Ford vs. Chevy: Did Attack Ad Backfire?

Kelley Blue Book Says Chevy's Super Bowl Spot Actually Drew More People to Ford on Its Site

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Here's one for the Draw-Your-Own-Conclusions Department:

According to the analytical marketing folks at Kelley Blue Book, more visitors checked out the Ford truck area on KBB's website than visited the section devoted to Chevrolet directly after Chevy's Silverado ad that zinged Ford during the Super Bowl.

Chevy Silverado Super Bowl ad
Chevy Silverado Super Bowl ad

Akshay Anand, a marketing-intelligence web analyst at KBB who was tracking the hits to site on Super Bowl Sunday, said that his data -- he would not be specific about the number of visitors to the site during the game -- showed that consumer interest in the Silverado lifted after the airing of the "2012" commercial just before 7 p.m. in the first quarter. It then leveled off and ultimately declined after the game as interest in Ford's F-150 surged.

Mr. Anand also reported that the F-150 section's share of visits to KBB's site rose more than 26% on Super Bowl Sunday compared with Jan. 29. The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 had a 25% drop in traffic during the same period, he said.

So, did Chevy's dig backfire?

Mr. Anand was noncommittal, but he did say that there is "data out there that shows truck owners tend to be more loyal than in other segements" and might have been reacting defensively to support Ford. Alternately, since "Ford" was actually spoken by one of the actors in the ad, he thought some viewers might have mistaken the ad for a spot for Ford.

Conclusions? Theories?

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