Chris Anderson Less Intellectually Curious Than George W. Bush

Doesn't Need That Whole 'Media' Industry Thingie There

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Perhaps if Chris Anderson can't find any words to talk about the media that he doesn't even need to get along, he should shut up about it and to it already. Just a suggestion. That's my immediate response to this interview in which the man who a) says everything should be free and b) says the word media doesn't exist is talking to a media outlet to shill the book he's trying to sell. Hell, the only reason I'm passing along the link is to give media outlet Spiegel some clicks.

SPIEGEL: Your local newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, is fighting for survival. If it was to disappear tomorrow ... Anderson: ... I wouldn't notice. I don't even know what I'd be missing.

He goes on to say that news just finds him. Sound familiar?

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