The Christmas Creep Award Goes to HSN

Not Even Halloween and It's Running Holiday Ads

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While getting ready for work this morning, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a TV spot featuring snow flakes and reindeer antlers and funny little hats. The guilty party is HSN (formerly known as the Home Shopping Network).

Congratulations, guys. I unilaterally decree you as the winner of this year's Christmas Creep Award for TV Spots. Perhaps I should kick in the Web award as well. (See last year's story on Christmas Creep.)

The Award for In-Store Display already went to Toys R Us, for putting up a display in SEPTEMBER!!! Not to be outdone, Gooseberry Creek took the Catalog Award back in July.

May the Great Pumpkin come down your chimneys and do bad things on your rugs. Is nothing sacred?
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