All You Want for Christmas Is ... Tires

Tire Maker Hankook Thinks Tires Would Be an Excellent Christmas Gift This Year

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You'll need a bigger tree.

That's the Christmas message from the Hankook Tire America Corp. Never mind iPads, the Steve Jobs biography or a cashmere jumper from Uniqlo; in a survey that admittedly reeks of self-promotion, the company reports that it found that 84% of more than a thousand randomly selected participants said they'd like a set of new tires for the holidays.

Isn't that Santa driving?
Isn't that Santa driving?

Certainly utility is an attractive feature here. The Hankook report also determined that four out of 10 surveyed indicated that they're planning a road trip for the holidays, and half of those will drive more than 500 miles. Most said they're concerned about driving on ice and snow, yet only 8% said they use winter tires.

Did we mention that Hankook markets winter tires?

New tires can leave something of a funky odor if stacked next to the fireplace, even if they are wrapped up in bows and festive paper. So consider lighting up Hotwick's "New Car Candle." The description reads, "Burn this in your living room."

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