Cigarettes Uber Alles

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Silly Germany. They just love their cigarettes so much, they can't even seem to part with the advertising of them - and so the European Union is taking the country to court.

Germany had until July 31, 2005 to adopt EU regulation banning tobacco advertising in printed media, on radio, or over the internet as well as the sponsorship of cross-border events (e.g., The World Cup, but what tobacco magnate in their right mind would sponsor one of the world's biggest sporting events?).

In the meantime, an ex-stockbroker in Germany is raising money to launch Smintair: Smoker's International Airways. Alexander Schoppmann claims his airline "will not offer economy-class tickets, but will target business people who enjoy smoking - and who are willing to pay for some extra pampering."

One can only wonder how his business plan accounts for advertising in these restricted times.
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