We Will Not Click 'Like' for Facebook VitaminWater

We'd Rather Drink Second Life Soda

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Ever wonder what Facebook tastes like? Apparently, it's black cherry with a hint of lime, coupled with a jolt of caffeine and some "nutrients" for good measure. Or more simply, it tastes gross.

In case you missed it, VitaminWater's newest flavor is inspired by the social networking site, reports TechCrunch. Dubbed "Connect," the bottles are set to hit shelves around the country in March. The name and the label slapped on the bottle (which bizarrely shows the image of a fingerprint) were designed by -- you guessed it -- the fans.

VitaminWater has been conducting a crowdsourcing effort on its Facebook page to come up with the new product, and to promote it, it's circulating the absurd viral video below featuring a lilac-polo clad Steve Nash and VitaminWater celebrity spokesman and rapper 50 Cent.

OK, so Facebook-flavor drink. Check. There's already a drink in honor of the gaming segment: Mt. Dew. So what comes next? Posterous-flavored Powerade? A brew for Twitter, perhaps we'll call it "Sweet Tweet malt liquor"?

Somebody. Make. It. Stop.

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