About Those Click-Through Rates

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Via Adrants, we came across an interview with Fark.com founder Drew Curtis. (Those of you who aren't in the 18-34 male demographic but desperately wish everyday for some insight into that demo should check out Fark.)

Curtis has some strong words about advertising (emphasis ours): "Ads that don't work are the ads we all know are BS, like smack the monkey to win $10k or click to get a free iPod. Farkers are savvy; they already know about this crap and won't go there. ... The whole advertising industry confuses me sometimes. Advertisers for some reason really, really want to buy ads that annoy the shit out of the consumer. They want to buy ads that block you from seeing content, that shout at you when you hit the page, that stay on the computer desktop when you leave the site. You know why ads on the right sidebar get better clickthrough rates? Because people are trying to scroll down with their mouse and miss the damn bar, accidentally generating a click. Most popup ad clicks are generated by people missing the X to close the thing out. ... What value is that kind of click to an advertiser? I can't figure out why they want this. Surely they don't want the added stigma of annoyance tacked onto their brand."
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