Sorry Clowns, There Are Some Things Marketing Can't Fix

Red-Nosed, Orange-Haired Men Combat Creepy Image

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Credit: Image by Stephen Winsor

According to the Huffington Post, clowns are making an effort to fight their "creepy" image. That's the headline: "Clown's Fight 'Creepy' Image." That's a story I'd read. Sadly, though, there isn't much in the story to indicate that clowns are doing anything to win over the coulrophobes than whining to a reporter about how people think they're creepy. Hey, clowns, that 's not going to help.

You know what else doesn't help, clowns? Blaming the victims. "New York-based clown Chris Lueck" told HuffPo that he "believes that any animosity that exists towards clowns is actually a reflection of the critic's own unhappiness." Said Lueck: ""There is a freedom in clown and if you see someone being free and you're not, it can be threatening."

Just as well. Even a katrillion-dollar campaign including social media, print, events, direct mail AND Super Bowl ads wouldn't make an orange-haired, makeup-wearing, red-nosed, (sewer-dwelling) man any less scary.

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