'Wins' Supreme Court Breaking News Race -- With the Wrong News

On TV, Fox News Makes Wrong Call as Well

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Desk-bound Americans were busily bouncing around news websites and social-media platforms this morning to be the first to hear about the Supreme Court's ruling regarding health-care reform. It's one of those times when, with multiple news operations ready to pounce on the same story, readers and viewers get a chance to see which outlet is , indeed, first with the news.

This morning, CNN won the race to be first, but lost on the not-so-small matter of getting the story right. This is what looked like for at least five minutes this morning.

The technical journalistic term for that is : Oops.

Eventually, was updated to this:

Obviously, mistakes happen. God knows there are too many red-lettered correction notices attached to Ad Age stories for our liking. It just seems rare that news mistakes are this big and this public.

But CNN can take solace in the fact that Fox News got it wrong on TV.

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