Coda Campaign Marks the Extinction of Gas Pumps

Outdoor Effort Takes Shots at Filling Stations on Their Own Turf

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Coda Automotive's all-electric four-door sedan doesn't hit roads till later this year, but the first advertising for the brand has already begun cropping up in the California market -- and it's pretty audacious.

Among the executions are billboards that mimic tombstones, launching near gas stations that say: "Gasoline Stations circa 1885 -- 2010."

There are also versions that are placed directly above gas pumps (media buys that were approved by some brave gas station owners) that say the following:

"The Gasoline Pump, or 'Gas Pump' could once be found on the corner of every major intersection in the country. But after the Great Realization of 2010, Americans finally understood that about 80 cents of every dollar of gas pumped was wasted by inefficient gas engines. That fact, along with the 2010 launch of Coda -- the all-electric car from the all-electric company -- quickly made Gasoline Pumps obsolete relics of the past."

Photos of the executions were posted yesterday and today to a Facebook page for the agency responsible for the creative work, Goodness Manufacturing. (Funny timing, considering Coda's CMO, Kerri Martin just left.)

Tell us what you think of the work in the comments. Will it be effective?

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