Coke Points Don't Add Up

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Julia Havey of has a bone to pick with Coca-cola. The upshot: it would be impossible for one person to drink enough Coke (or coke products) to garner enough points to win some of the prizes advertised in the "Drink, Choose and Live" campaign. To wit, she spoke with Dr. David L. Katz of Yale, O Magazine and author of several books:

"Ten months [the length of the promotion] is roughly 300 days. Forty-nine thousand sodas [the number needed to get necessary points] in 300 days is 163 sodas a day. That is a volume of 30 gallons. That alone would wreak metabolic havoc, causing lethal electrolyte imbalance. And if this were regular soda, it would represent more than 16,000 calories per day, or up to eight times typical requirements and a potential weight gain of five pounds daily. Well beyond the realm of the plausible. . . . Normal healthy kidneys can only clear up to 12 gallons of fluid a day, and that is extreme. Take in more than that, and you will dilute your serum electrolytes, develop seizures, and die. "
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