Col Allan Says Make 'Em Laugh

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Fresh from his latest victory over the Daily News, New York Post Editor in Chief Col Allan give an interview to The Australian. The key to circulation gains? Listening and laughing:

"One of the things I've done at the Post is constantly ask everybody to listen to the market, to listen to their readers," Allan says. "It's a different approach than you generally see here in the US. Too many editors and too many journalists here feel that they have been 'chosen', that their view of the news and their opinions are what the readers should have. My approach is completely different. I try to listen to the readers and hear what they want from us. Then I work hard to give it to them."

Allan says humour is the classic example. "We say a feeling of wellbeing and happiness is a good thing, so we work hard to make people have a laugh everyday," he says. "But you go through the papers in this country and it's amazing just how absolutely humourless they are.
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