College Kids Don't Know/Care Where You're From

Ignorance of Geography Extends Beyond Classroom

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Most college kids are clueless when asked where in the world many of their favorite brands come from, according to an Anderson Analytics study.

The findings are interesting, if not terribly shocking -- although Anderson points out that marketing the country of origin can have a positive impact for a luxury brand. Anderson also suggests, based on the survey, that ignorance has helped Korean cellphone manufacturers like LG and Samsung, who could have been saddled with the lagging perception of low quality, compete with companies like Nokia and Motorola, with their Finnish and American roots, respectively. (Most students thought Samsung, Nokia and Motorola were all Japanese and LG was American.)

And a good product can change a country's perception: Students who knew LG is from Korea gave the country higher marks for crafting quality product. Some other common misperceptions? That Adidas is American rather than German, that Volvo is German rather than Swedish, and that Heineken is German rather than Dutch. One brand doing a great job of marketing its mother land? Ikea.
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