That's What You Get When You Don't Hail to the Chimp

Ape Formerly Used in Commercials Seriously Attacks Human

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Travis, a chimpanzee who had starred in Coca-Cola and Old Navy commercials, was gunned down by police outside his Connecticut home after the simian went ape and seriously attacked a human. Charla Nash, a neighborhood friend, who arrived at the scene to help Travis' owner after he started going bananas, was seriously injured by the chimp. It's a stark reminder that while chimps can be cute little pseudo-humans when young and riding around on Segways or mugging for the camera, they're not only wild animals, but they can grow up to be big, brawny and vicious -- animals strong enough to rip your arm right out of its socket. (Which is why younger, well-trained chimps can demand raises.)

Indeed, Travis was shot by the cops after he'd been chased off of Nash with a knife and apparently decided he wanted to steal a police car.

"[Owner Sandra Herold] retrieved a large butcher knife and stabbed her longtime pet numerous times in an effort to save her friend, who was really being brutally attacked," Conklin said.

After mauling Nash, who was "very seriously injured," Travis roamed the property as cops swarmed in.

The wounded Travis zeroed in on one cruiser, running to one side and trying to open a locked door. He quickly scooted to the other side, ripping off a side mirror while opening another door.

The trapped cop inside shot Travis several times in self-defense. The mortally wounded ape then staggered back into his house.
What with rampage, the Xanax, the waning acting career and the run-in with the cops, this would sound like a Martin Lawrence story if it weren't for the severity of Nash's injuries and the fact that the "star" in this case was repeatedly stabbed with a butcher knife and then shot and killed. This will undoubtedly give PETA more ammunition in its efforts to stop marketers and agencies from using chimps in commercials.

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