'Crazy Eddie' Set for Comeback?

Voice, Brand Name May Be Heard Again

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Remember consumer-electronics chain Crazy Eddie? "His prices are INSAAAAANE!"

It's been more than 20 years since we've seen those irritating TV commercials, but the recession just might bring the star of the ads, Jerry Connell -- and his wildly gesturing hands -- back to advertising.

A couple months ago, an investor saw an opportunity left by Circuit City's demise and bought the rights to the Crazy Eddie name. He relaunched the brand via an online store and phone-order service.

Now, Mr. Connell says in an interview that he's been in talks with Crazy Eddie's new management. As part of the Q&A, Mr. Connell, a one-time radio DJ, also talks about how the Crazy Eddie gig led to him shilling for other marketers, like Sony and Showtime. He was asked to do weather and once was offered $5,000 to do the voice of Crazy Eddie at a Bar Mitzvah but refused.

Resurrecting the character might not be so easy. Mr. Connell was so identified with the company that many consumers mistakenly thought that he was the real Crazy Eddie -- as in Eddie Antar, the founder of the chain who was found guilty of fraud and sent to prison.

Here's a spot that ran around this time 25 years ago.

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