So, Crispin, How Do You Like Bing?

Agency's Revamped Website Takes Directions Courtesy Google

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Crispin Porter & Bogusky joined the Web 2.0 website bandwagon today with its revamped site. The general idea is the very same one displayed on Modernista's site, launched over a year ago, and more recently, what assembled for Skittles.

That idea is that, thanks to the social web, it's impossible to control your brand, so why not jump into the convo? On Crispin's new home page, you get both the good and the bad of what everyone's saying about the agency and its clients. Click on a Twitter feed and see people tweeting about "I'm a PC." Click on a Microsoft tab and see a Newsweek article about Microsoft "Laptop Hunters" campaign. Click on contact, and it takes you to a map of Crispin's Boulder office courtesy Google Maps ... instead of a Bing map.

Bing-Google maps

OK, sure, Crispin may not be responsible for Bing's advertising (that's JWT), but it is Microsoft's consumer agency of record -- and one of the biggest shops on its roster, paid some $300 million to promote the brand. You'd think the least they could do is help a struggling new search engine out via all those clicks from hungry young job-seeking creatives.

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