The Customer Is Wrong in This Movie Theater PSA

Cinema Makes Example of Rude Customer

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The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain takes a very hard line on those jerks who talk and text during movies. They kick them out. For this, it should win some sort of prize, like the Nobel maybe. Indeed, the Alamo Drafthouse has gone so far as to make an example of one texter in Austin who was booted from the theater. Obviously these people go through life under the delusion that they are the center of the universe and that they are never wrong. As evidenced by the message the texter left. Alamo not only gets a little sweet revenge with this, it also stays true to its brand promise and comes across as a hero. Be warned: Extreme profanity in this -- as you'd expect from the sort of person who texts or talks during a movie. (Via BoingBoing)

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