David Blaine Does Questionable Magic For Target, Kids

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David Blaine has sold out. He's no longer promoting just himself, his big ego and his amazing sleight of hand - he's flogging for Target.

The dramatic, death-defying magician will spend his Thanksgiving in a spinning gyroscope suspended above Times Square. If he manages to escape before Target's two-day sale starts at 6 a.m. on Black Friday, he gets to take a small bus load of "deserving" kids on a shopping spree - on Target, of course.

After failing to hold his breathe for eight minutes in his last sphere-of-doom-athon, I wonder if he'll be able to manage this one without tossing his cookies. And then the question is: Will he pony up for the kids' shopping spree if he fails? And then will Target protect the kids from battling grannies on one of the scariest shopping days of the year?
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