Dear BBDO: Don't Feed the Gossip Bloggers

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It's not often I get to link to Gawker, but this Lies Well Disguised post by Copyranter is too good not to pass along.

If Copyranter is to be believed, the gang at BBDO was so upset by something he wrote about them earlier that they called him in for a guided tour of the place and their best work. Hilarity, of course, ensues when our humble narrator is accosted with a cluster-bomb of buzzwords, informed by unbiased sources that the agency does great work and shown the company bar.

[John] Osborn said he didn't want to pepper me with the usual buzz words and than did just that, including describing BBDO as a "global boutique." Zupp? He playfully interjected "careful" every time an employee came in and was introduced to the guy from Gawker.

I'm all for blog power. And, while it makes me feel dirty, I admit to being a huge Gawker fan. But I have to wonder what Lubars and the crew were thinking. Here in New York, Gawker has an outsize reputation and, because every agency staffer reads it, it would seem that the entire world revolves around it. But in the "real" world ... maybe not so much.

And yes, some bloggers and even "real" journalists flip-flop like John Kerry when presented with a free pint and inside access (Eason Jordan in Hussein's Iraq ... the reporters charmed by Bush in the first election), but Copyranter's been trading in snark-filled contempt for the ad industry for some time now.

So if you're going to take the almost-admirable risk of letting the guy in, perhaps you should make it a point not to give him more ammunition. At least don't insult his intelligence with corporate ad speak.

Or, as Copyranter points out, you should have taken him to the bar first to get him good and loaded.
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