Dear Second Lifers: Leave Me Alone

Go Sell Crazy Someplace Else, We're All Stocked Up Here

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You know ... if you're going to invite me to a party, especially if it's for a product that I find laughable in the first place, you could at least tempt me with REAL free food and booze.

But here's yet another press release from the cult of Second Life.

Want to really engage your readers? Consider writing an article about the virtual world Second Life. Start by interviewing the author of Que Publishing's newest book, Second Life: A Guide to Your Virtual World, by Brian White (aka Ansel Gasparini in-world) at our launch party for the book. The author and this book will teach you everything you'll need to get started in Second Life.

If I wanted to engage my readers -- most of whom being real people with real jobs -- I'll write about media that actually drives results. Or monkeys. At least monkeys are amusing. And real. And certainly more fun to watch than badly rendered virtual characters floating through walls.

When: Saturday, September 15, 2007 at 2:00 p.m. ET and again at 10:00 pm ET.
Where: The party will be held in Second Life on Menorca in Slimmie's Cafe

While I almost admire the fact that this virtual event will be a lot cheaper than a real-world event, it's not a party if I'm sitting at my computer. Call me old-fashioned but the computer is for work, for gaming, stalking ex-spouses or -- as they say in Avenue Q -- for porn. (And it seems that if you had complete freedom to name countries and such, you could do better than Menorca. Menorca?! Really? Why not something fun such as Boozelandia, Porktopia or Puppy-opolis?)

Fun stuff: Party attendees will hear White's views about the ins and outs of being part of the Second Life community, and receive advice on how to get the most out of their in-world experiences. They'll also be able to dance to the music of popular band JueL Resistance with DJ Doubledown Tandino, talk to Ansel Gasparini, socialize with other members of the Second Life community, and have the chance to win a copy of the new book. Que will also be giving away party bags including the first chapter of the book, an exclusive dress by Ginny Talamasca, and an exclusive t-shirt by Dragontat Zagato.

Obviously we have extremely different definitions of the phrase "fun stuff" (and, also, "popular band"). Note, too, that the only thing that makes "socializing" tolerable at real-world events is the free liquor. I can't imagine virtual socializing to be any better. And even I have to draw the line at drinking at my computer. Finally, if there's anything sillier than party swag, it's imaginary party swag.

Of course, I realize when all these in-world people take over the rest of the world, I'll be in quite the awkward situation (unless I'm standing next to the power source), so for those of you interested in this sort of thing, here's a link to the first chapter of the book.
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