Dear PR Man: Do Not Pitch the Bloggers

Cultivate Your Real Fans Instead

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Excellent post from Church of the Customer regarding the cultivation of bloggers. In a Chicago Tribune article Market Wire's Thom Brodeur said he advises his clients to "cultivate popular bloggers in much the same way they traditionally have sought to make contact with reporters for newspapers, TV and other media."

Says Church's Ben McConnell: "No, no. Please do not do that. Reporters at newspapers, TV and other media are inundated with bad PR pitches every day."

In other words, save your crappy press releases for the mainstream media and leave bloggers alone.

Continues Ben: "PR companies could actually become more strategic service providers by helping their clients cultivate relationships with existing, well-connected customers. Appeal to the people who already love your client and foster those relationships. 'Cultivating bloggers like traditional media' is an old-school view of people as message receptacles."
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