Diamonds not This Girl's Best Friend

Actress Claims She Was Burned by Viral

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From the AP: "A model who says she has worked hard to maintain a wholesome image has filed a $5 million lawsuit complaining that a jewelry company's video advertisement in which she writhes and moans looks pornographic."

You be the judge.

Of course, after watching the video, one might wonder exactly what Jane Doe thought it was she was filming. After all, they didn't use CGI in the spot -- or if they did, they spent a lot of money for a realistic affect!

But apparently, the woman -- a married graduate student -- was the victim of bait and switch. "Three-fourths of the filming of the commercial, shot Nov. 9 by Q2 Entertainment in a studio in Queens, involved a comedic story line, but the woman later was told to sit and feign excitement for a few seconds while the young man put the necklace on her, the lawsuit says."
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