SoCo Invites You to 'Beat the Bartender'

Facebook Game Sure to Waste Hours of Your Time

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I'm a Southerner. I'm from Louisiana. I'm not a fan of super-sweet liqueur Southern Comfort. But I can't stop playing this "Beat the Bartender" game that Brown-Forman rolled out to push Southern Comfort Lime. (If that link doesn't work, go to SoCo's Facebook page.) The premise of the game is simple: As the clock winds down, you mix traditional SoCo-and-lime shots while a bartender pours out shots of the new premade stuff. In the name of research, I played the game a couple of times. Best I could do was Level 5.

As far as we can tell, this is the first Facebook game for a spirits brand -- and is part of Brown-Forman's decision last year to pour its entire media budget into digital. It will be interesting to see if the usual "What about the children?!?! Won't You Think of the Children?!?!" crowd will jump all over this, but the beauty of Facebook is that it's actually a bigger pain in the butt for a minor to lie about his age. Whereas other booze sites just ask you to enter your birthday (be honest), "Beat the Bartender" accesses the player's profile. In other words, a minor would have to go to his account and change his basic profile settings just to play a game. (Kids these days. Get off my lawn! Etc.)

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