Now That You're Distracted by United's Pretty Commercials ...

No Free Meals on Some International Flights

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Watching the airlines scramble to save money by adding fees and cutting services is becoming quite entertaining. It's as if they are all involved in some sort of contest to see who can come up with the most ridiculous new fee or who will be first to eliminate the most basic of services. This week's winner, so far, is United Airlines, with news that it will stop serving free meals in coach on some of its overseas flights.

But United didn't stop there. Wanting to make sure it took the top prize this week, United, in an internal memo to flight attendants obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle, announced that starting Sept. 2 it will no longer be handing out free pretzels and cookies to economy-class customers traveling in North America. The memo went on to say that starting Oct. 1 complimentary meals in domestic class will also come to an end. And, the internal memo also notes, with fewer meals to serve it only makes sense that United cut the number of flight attendants in the domestic business-class cabin.

So who is going to be the first to start charging for the use of the toilet? My money is on JetBlue. I'm just saying, they have a history with toilets.
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