Disturbing PSA Makes Folks Feel Extra Pervy

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A correction has been made in this story. See below for details.

The United Way of Milwaukee had planned to run this campaign aimed at curbing statutory rape. The ad at left is only one of the executions that will likely make your skin crawl -- assuming you're not some sort of creep. Copyranter flagged it up, suggesting "super-fetishizing young girls, maybe, is not the smartest approach?" He's also got one of the other ads, but takes particular issue with this one because it also brings into play the size of the young girl's brain.

A commenter at Copyranter's site defends the campaign. Definitely worth the read. And feel free to leave your own thoughts in our comment section.

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UPDATE & CORRECTION: The original post had associated the execution with the Family Violence Partnership in Milwaukee. In fact, the ads were created by Serve, Milwaukee, for United Way of Greater Milwaukee and were squashed before they had a chance to run. We apologize for the error. For more on the campaign, check out this article in Salon.
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