Domino's Shoulda Known Better (Yo!)

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When Domino's Pizza began running ads last week for something called Brooklyn Style Pizza, I wanted to punch my TV or walk down to the nearest Domino's--in Brooklyn--and shake someone until an apology was offered. (Then again, I've experienced this feeling every time someone has offered me "Cajun" food outside of Louisiana.)

The New York Times offers up a nice, crusty slice of "No Dice, Domino's."

My favorite line from the piece: "We purchased our Domino's pie just a few blocks away from Totonno's on Neptune Avenue. That it was handed to us over bulletproof glass turned out to be the most authentically Brooklyn part about it."

To be fair to the Coney Island neighborhood, there is a Popeye's just down the way that doesn't feel a need for bulletproof glass.

Marty Markowitz, the Brooklyn borough president, tells the Times: "To our sophisticated palates, Domino's is about as Brooklyn as Sara Lee Cheesecake is Junior's."

The piece also takes issue with a marketing campaign that uses "characters purchased at the Brooklyn Stereotype Store."
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