For Those Who Can't Get Enough Donny Deutsch

We've Got Your Happiness Factory Right Here

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. Coke not only scored a creative victory with "The Happiness Factory," it's riding that pony for all it's worth. There was the documentary and now there's a movie. There was even a premiere in Second Life. Ooooh. Second Life.

Coke has made available video of the premiere -- complete with the red carpet appearance of a pixelated Avril Lavigne. But that's the shiny, happy version, after it's been edited down to the "interesting" stuff -- and also after all the technical glitches were cut. If you want to see what attending such an event is really like and get Second Life Donny Deutsch in all his glory, check out this piece from Nick Parish over at Creativity. (The movie and the Coke version of the premiere can be found there as well.)

And check out his video as well.

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