Donuld Trummp Kant Spell

Misspells Name of Sponsor in Self-Congratulatory Ad

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If you have a dead-tree copy of the March 12 New York Times, please turn to page C3. There will you find a full-page ad placed by "The Celebrity Apprentice" touting its ratings. Apparently the folks behind the show spell as well as they define celebrity. In the lower portion of the ad, in the midst of bragging about the great things previous seasons have done for sponsors (probably because this season blows), Donald and the gang spell Procter & Gamble, the leading marketer in the world, as Proctor & Gamble. Nice going guys.

Also, in American English, commas go inside the closing quotation marks. If one of the contestants had turned this copy in he or she would be fired!

Update: Eagle-eyed coworker Brad Johnson points out that the ratings info in the source line come from "Neilsen Media Research" and wonders if the company is related at all to Nielsen Media Research.
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