Has Dos Equis Created the Most Imitated Man in the World?

The Latest Spoof Involves Suicidal Shrimp

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Is The Most Interesting Man in the World on his way to becoming The Most Imitated Man in the World?

George Karzas, owner of a Chicago rib joint called Gale Street Inn, bills himself as "The Most Interesting Chef in the World" in spots recently airing on local cable TV.

"Shrimp jump at the chance to get into his jambalaya," goes the script, and "his key lime pie can open any locked door in the universe."

Karzas said the restaurant spent $40,000 on four spots -- two of which have yet to air -- which were produced by Lexington, Ky.-based Viamedia.

He said he did not run it by Heineken USA and has yet to hear any complaints from them.

"We call it parody," he said. "I'm actually thinking about becoming Mayhem next," he added, referring to the villainous character in Allstate ads.

Is importer Heineken USA worried about their popular Dos Equis pitchman being copied?

"The campaign is such a success and so popular that this is one of the effects of that popularity," said spokeswoman Tara Carraro. "Whenever instances such as this are brought to our attention, we review the matter and take appropriate action, but we do not comment on specific cases."

The campaign has made Dos Equis among the most popular beer Facebook pages with 788,978 "likes." The brand was No. 1, according to a report by UBS, although a check on Monday showed Bud Light with 796,205 likes. Dos Equis fans are posting comments on the site such as "He once drove to Hawaii" and "When he goes to the zoo, the animals stare at him." There are plenty of imitation Dos Equis Facebook sites popping up as well -- at least 95 carry the brand's name, according to a recent Facebook search.

"It would be virtually impossible to track down every imitation," Carraro said. "From our perspective it's a nice form of flattery."

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