Drambuie: For When You Run Out of Everything Else

Liquor Brand Bags on Aussies in Reverse-Marketing-Psychology Ploy

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I admire the intent behind this hilarious research video for Drambuie. The famed Scottish drink is foisted on blue-collar Australians to see if they can be persuaded to give the drink a shot. Of course not. The blokes pretty much declare Drambuie fit only for "poufes" and businessmen. When told a Scottish prince drank a Drambuie cocktail before fighting with the English, one drinker replies, "He got his ass kicked, aye?"

Aside from starting an international incident between drunken Scots and Aussies, the intent here seems to prove that Drambuie has a sense of humor and maybe that it's too classy for a certain sort of people -- assuming that such classy people will appreciate the humor in this viral video and get the point they're supposed to like Drambuie precisely because these bogans (apparently the Aussie equivalent of chavs or white trash) don't.

From the supposed research findings:"Visually the drink looks too exotic and makes too much of a statement. It would result in the drinker standing out as original and different. This lacks appeal amongst a segment who prefer to fit in with their mates and stick to the tried and tested, largely meaning beer or bourbon & coke. Finally, the taste appears too distinctive, with the subtle characteristics and flavours being wasted on an audience who seek simpler pleasures."

See what they're trying to do there? But the problem with the video is that I tend to identify with the bogans slagging the drink. The video directs users to MadeforaPrince.com.
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