Dreaming of A Crappy Christmas? Toy Brings New Meaning to 'Yule Log'

Kids Will Be Stepping In It to Ask for Doggie Doo, the Plastic Dachshund That Poops

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Doggy needs more fiber!
Doggy needs more fiber!
With Christmas ads bombarding us already, parents are girding for their kids to ask for toys that are crap. But this year, they may instead ask for toys that actually do crap.

Evidence Doggie Doo, a plastic Dachshund that , when fed Play-Doh-like "cookies" through its mouth, excretes them in feces-shaped form through its hind end. The winning player scoops up three. Even Charlie Sheen never envisioned this.

According to its marketer Goliath Toys, Doggie Doo was rated one of the top 12 Christmas toys by the U.K.'s Toy Retailers Association for 2011. It was also nominated 2010 Toy of the Year in the Netherlands. First launched in Germany, where it was named Kackel Dackel, Doggie Doo is now being sold in the states at stores including Toys R Us, Walmart, Target , Amazon and a site called -- we're not making this up -- Petmyweiner.com.

The commercial is running on kids' TV networks and on YouTube has over 291,000 views. Its Facebook page has more than 19,402 Likes and provides such useful information as this: "Mostly we get positive comments about Doggie Doo but every so often someone makes a comment that we are going to turn the world into a land of children who only want to play with Dog Poop… The value of the game is to get kids to exercise their imaginations."

Or maybe raise the next generation of dog walkers.

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