El Dia Del Mustache 5

When Boys Grow 'Staches and Get Sponsored

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There are many athletic and daring pursuits in the world that deserve sponsors: the Tour De France, for example, or Arctic exploration. You know the long tail is getting pretty damn long--and in this case, bushy--when a group of men usher in Spring by celebrating their mustaches... and getting Wahl to sponsor it.

El Dia Del Mustache is actually in its fifth year of celebrating post-nose hairs. FHM was their sponsor last year, but, ahem, FHM is no more. Undaunted, the men sallied forth, determined to grow upper-lip shrubbery, drink and donate money to prostate cancer foundations. Fortunately, Wahl stepped in at the last minute and donated the Best in Show trophy: a bronzed Wahl buzzer mounted on a stone slab. I've heard it is a sight to behold.

In case you are wondering what it takes to be best in show, let's just say handlebars are a plus. Otherwise, you may find your fuzzy lip in the rubrick of Molester 'stache, Novelty 'stache, Dad 'stache, or--for the folicularly challenged--Sh*tty 'stache.

No, goatees are not allowed.
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