Is Emperor Facebook Losing His Clothes?

Carr: FB 'Determined to Out-MySpace MySpace'

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It may be jumping the gun a bit to say that Nicholas Carr and those commenting on his blog might be a sign that the great Facebook love-in is coming to a close, but Carr's response to yesterday's advertising announcement is a must-read. It's one of those posts that's so good -- dripping with sarcasm and skepticism -- I don't even know which part to quote.

I'll go with this one, I guess: "It's a nifty system: First you get your users to entrust their personal data to you, and then you not only sell that data to advertisers but you get the users to be the vector for the ads. And what do the users get in return? An animated Sprite Sips character to interact with."

I'll leave it to you to see how he treats Zuckerberg's grasp of media history.
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