My Brief Encounter With Obama Girl

Political 'Activist' Now Shaking It for the Troops

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Despite being the subject of a recent attack ad from the Romney Girls, Obama Girl continues to toil away. It turns out she's now shaking what God gave her for something more worthy than trying to sex up a campaign destined to be crushed by the forces of history (i.e. Hillary Clinton's opposition research team). In her latest video, "I Like a Boy," she, along with Giuliani Girl and the Romney Girls, frolic about in skimpy clothes to support the troops. More specifically, the Girls and their creators have teamed up with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

I met Obama Girl last night at an IAVA fundraiser co-hosted by Amber Ettinger, the face and body of Obama Girl, turns out to be as pretty as you'd expect and fairly un-diva-like for someone thrust so oddly into the national spotlight. In fact, she spent most of the evening hanging with her boyfriend of three years (sorry fellas), who seemed rather amused by recent events. Amber also got a little teary while introducing the night's entertainment. Her father, she said, was in the Army for 23 years, so having a chance to do something for veterans "hit really close to home."

The entertainment, of course, was provided by Leah Kauffman, the voice of Obama Girl. Kauffman, a Temple student who turns out to be four years younger than the model who represents her in videos, did her own part to sex up the show by dressing in a slinky little number. She ran through her greatest hits, including "My Box in a Box," "I Got a Crush on Obama" and "I Like a Boy." I caught up with her briefly after the set and witnessed a touching scene when an IAVA wife came up to her and, in heartfelt words, told Kauffman how much the video and fundraiser meant.

Also on hand were Paul Rieckhoff, executive director and founder of IAVA, Michelle Citrin, aka Rosh Hashanah Girl, Jenn Themelis, a "reporter" for, the Romney Girls (blond triplets who look like something straight out of "Village of the Damned") and a handful of people.

The crew, including Account Manager Laura Mignott and Creative Director Kate Cohen (who didn't slap me despite the treatment she received in my review of the Subway debacle), was there to support Obama Girl co-creator Ben Relles. Relles, until a few weeks ago, worked at But with the early success of BarelyPolitical and twins on the way, he's moving on to New York's sixth borough, Philadelphia.
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