Environmentalist Talks Crap in Ford Parody of Cadillac's 'Poolside' Spot

Spoof Is Polar Opposite of Provocative Ad for GM Brand

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Ford ad agency Team Detroit is having a little fun with Cadillac, according to the Detroit Free Press. Using the founder of sustainability consultancy and advocacy group Detroit Dirt -- who also happens to be an African-American woman -- the shop has created a spot that parodies the GM nameplate's "Poolside" ad released earlier this year.

Remember that Cadillac spot? The one that broke during the Olympics? That bit of "brand provocation" from agency Rogue featured actor Neal McDonough playing a rich white guy in a huge house spouting off about the American work ethic, taking digs at other countries and touting the Cadillac ELR as a reward for the hardworking man.

Some saw it as a fun mix of American pride and, yes, jingoism, that was perfect for the target audience. Others saw it as celebrating the worst of American egotism. It was so provocative, in fact, that Cadillac ad director Craig Bierley tried to clear up misconceptions. And CMO Uwe Ellinghaus, who took the job after the ad was already almost done, admitted to Automotive News that the company inserted the electric hybrid at the last minute to make the spot more "socially palatable" (or, put another way, less jerky).

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So Team Detroit has responded with Pashon Murray extolling the benefits of sustainability (and dirt and manure) and remarking on "the upside of giving a damn" before ending the spot for the Ford C-MAX by -- quelle horreur -- speaking in French.

A Ford spokeswoman told the Free Press: "I don't think we're mocking a competitor. We're trying to showcase positive work being done in our community."

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