EPA Tries Hand at Consumer-Generated Advertising

We Wonder How That's Going to Turn Out

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What were we saying about the folly of consumer-generated media? Oh, yeah. Well, the Environmental Protection Agency is learning that lesson. (We kid. As if a government agency would learn a lesson!)

At any rate, the EPA is holding a contest, in which it is offering $2,500 (where does that money come from?) to the talented person who can create a spot explaining the need for participating in rule-making. Judging by the quality of the EPA call for entries, it needs all the help it can get. And help it is getting -- from libertarians, conservatives and others just happy to pounce all over an attempt, as Reason magazine puts it, "to help the EPA propagandize just how great it and other aspects of the government are."

Below is one of three entries from Reason. This reminds us of that Chevy Tahoe effort from way back in 2006 in which environmentalists had a field day touting the Tahoe's gas-guzzling, Earth-destroying ways -- on GM's own website. (Anyone at the EPA wants to share the really mean ones, you know where to find us.)

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