Esquire as a Sad Old Man

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If I'm following Gawker's ageist metaphor correctly, the site just pushed an old man down into the gutter, then pointed and laughed.

"You know how you see some adorable fun old man limping along, perhaps clad in an eccentric robe, maybe headed for the beach? And then later you go over for tea and in his house are all these stunning pictures of a really hot guy and you're like, OH, same person? That's what republishing 'Frank Sinatra Has A Cold' is like. (In this tortured bad metaphor, Esquire is the old dude, obvs.)"

If, for some reason, you've never read "Frank Sinatra Has A Cold," it can be found here. I suggest you read that, then try to find something similar in any of today's magazines. Also, if you care about such trivial things as content, check out this piece on Slate.
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