Are You Experiencing Swag-Induced Weight Gain?

Hey, Someone's Got to Eat It!

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Detroit is imploding. Shops are shedding employees. Barack Obama turns out to be a cynical real-world politician who invited someone called Rick Warren to the inauguration. There's a lot of bad news out there. Despite all this, holiday swag is still washing up on the shores of Advertising Age. Check out our Swag Watch feature. There's less of it this year and it's not as extravagant, but the tide will not be stopped. And the tide consists of lots of chocolate and other junk food that I simply cannot stop eating. Yesterday I actually bought a bag of chips to "balance" all the sugar I'd ingested. Hell, I even tried bringing fruit to the office, but after eating the orange and the banana, I went right back to the candy -- which only meant that I'd ingested twice the sugar.

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