Extended Stay Is Toilet-Lickin' Good!

Mullen-Created Viral Has Us Reaching for a Bucket

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Talk about word of mouth. Extended Stay Hotels wants you to know that the best thing about its rooms is that they're "very clean."

To make its point, it's launched a viral marketing campaign. The porn-esque video, dubbed "A Girl, Her Tongue and a Hotel Room" and which has been flagged as unsuitable for minors by YouTube, has had more than 300,000 views since it started circulating in the last couple of weeks.

As if her hotel room lickstravaganza isn't enough, at the end of the video -- just moments after the girl goes the distance to prove that bacteria don't check in at this hotel chain by LICKING A TOILET BOWL -- a flash of the hand directs viewers to this URL, where you can watch her lick other hotel amenities like Extended Stay's laundry machines and treadmills.

So vulgar and seemingly off-brand is the work that it's had some in the ad blogosphere wondering if it was a fake. Turns out though, it's legit and was created by Mullen, Winston-Salem, N.C. Extended Stay reps didn't return calls seeking comment, but a Mullen spokesman assures us "it is client-approved."

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