Ken Wheaton: A Hero to the Swedes?

I Most Certainly Did Not Approve This Message

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So apparently there are a number of Swedes in Sweden who aren't coughing up their money for broadcast fees for Radiotjänst, the public radio and TV "license fee collector." C'mon guys. How do you expect your Nanny State to function if you aren't paying your share? After all, there's no such thing as a free lunch -- or a free TV show (unless you're willing to sit through a raft of ads). Enter Draft FCB, Stockholm, which came up with a video that paints selfish, non-paying, internet using Swedes as ... the hero. The concept seems to be equal parts play on ego and play on guilt. The trick is you can upload a friend's face. Sort of like the civic-minded version of "Elf Yourself." Shameless, really. But not quite as shameless as the person who sent this version to me!

Hahaha. What makes that especially funny is the average Swedish politician is more likely to see me as the anti-Christ than an upstanding member of their society. And we can argue all day long whether or not the 26.1 million views so far (since November) are great stats for a viral video. It's no piano-playing cat, I'll say that much. But here's the only number that counts. According to the agency, there have been 2,500 new broadcasting-fee subscribers since launch of the campaign. The initial target was 500.

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