Fatosphere Has Some Words About Anti-Obesity Campaign

Another Example of the Media Jumping at 'News'

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Kate Harding of Shapely Prose opens up with both barrels on an AP story chronicling the complaints of critics that the government's new series of anti-obesity ads don't go far enough. Here's the AP story. And here's Harding's post.

The post is a great one for its clarity and its common sense and a killer graphic of what fat would look like to a surgeon.

But the very best part, from my perspective, is when she hammers both Center for Science in the Public Interest -- known, she says, for its "loose definitions of both 'science' and 'public interest'" -- and the media. Harding writes: "Well, gosh! If two people with very specific political agendas say the ads are crap, and one obesity researcher can be quoted out of context to sorta-kinda support them, IT'S OBVIOUSLY NEWS, PEOPLE!"

Preach it, sister.
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