Fearless Leader on Beet.TV: The Sequel

Also: Sneaking Past the Bud.TV Bouncer

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Scott Donaton, now publisher of Advertising Age, does some face time on Beet.TV, in which he talks about Bud.TV and its implications.

In other Bud.TV-related postings, early critics can't agree on the content, but they all agree on the draconian registration process. In fact, some of-age content viewers have resorted to using fake IDs.

Writes The Hollywood Reporter's Steve Bryant:

"I tried no fewer than four different zip codes and three different spellings of my name. Eventually I found myself in the awkward position of sitting at a friend's house laptop in one hand, wallet in the other, as I doublechecked the spelling of my own name against my license. All to log onto a Budewiser Web site. During the Super Bowl. Sigh. Eventually I used my dad's name and birthday. Thanks dad."

Guess that's just a small price consenting adults have to pay for the increasing mommyization of the country and marketers' complete lack of spine. Then again, I wouldn't want to be held responsible for a generation of kids turning into alcoholic serial killers after viewing some sketch comedy on the interwebs.
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