Despite the 'Fiatsco,' J Lo Continues to Rack Up Endorsements

With Campaigns for Everything From Speakers to Beer, What's Next?

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A beer account? Check.

A car? Check that , too.

A packaged-goods company and a couple of retailers? Check and check.

It may sound like an ad agency's wish list, but it's actually a rundown of the marketers that Jennifer Lopez has managed to team up with recently. At 42, the Bronx-born dancer-turned-singer-turned actress has parlayed her notoriety into a spot as one of the most popular celebrity endorsers around.

We all know about her disastrous turn as the star of Chrysler's fall ad campaign, where she was seen driving a Fiat convertible. She was denounced for using a stunt double and blasted by a graffiti crew for being in ads that apparently used their artwork without permission. She was even called out for being a spokesperson for a company that "freely does business with a regime that is developing an illegal nuclear-weapons program, financing and sponsoring terrorist groups including al-Qaeda."

Some also claimed that the campaign was too polarizing to men and portrayed Fiat as a "chick car."

But somehow, despite the "Fiatsco," J Lo remains unstoppable. During the Grammys broadcast last weekend alone, J Lo starred in two spots: one for Harman Kardon speakers (above) and another for Gillette's Venus razors for women. And as Ad Age reported yesterday, her newest endorsement is for Brahma beer. Ms. Lopez stars in a series of ads in Brazil as the country gears up for the annual Carnival festivities this weekend.

In addition to those brands, Ms. Lopez designed a clothing line for Kohl's last year along with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, and she's a regular face of L'Oreal Paris and jewelry brand Tous. She also models in ads for Gucci along with her twin babies, Max and Emme.

All of the endorsements definitely mark a stepped-up desire to work with J Lo, as well as more of a willingness on her part to pad her bank account via branded deals. Her earlier-career endorsements were rare. They included a one-off ad campaign for Louis Vuitton and a single PepsiCo ad a few years back that she starred in with Beyonce and David Beckham. With its Samurai themes, the ad was actually kind of entertaining.

All of that is on top of her posing in ads for her own perfume and other products. It wouldn't be surprising to see any of these brands advertised on one of the two TV shows Ms. Lopez is featured on, "American Idol," and "Q'Viva! The Chosen," a series that showcases Latin music and dance.

At this point, about the only thing that would surprise us is if she became the face of Peta, which refers to her as the "Fur Bully on the Block."

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