Fifty Shades of Grey: The Ad Edition

(And No, It's Not the Grey You're Thinking Of)

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"'Mmm, I love a man who's long,' she cooed. I was surprised. While most would wince at the sheer length, she relished in it. 'Oh god, I need it inside, now!' she gasped, as her hands reached for my instrument. 'Won't it -- I mean, isn't it too tight down there?' I asked, worried that I might break her. 'Nonsense,' she said, as she put my sharpie down and reached for her mouse. 'I'll simply need to reduce the point size and your well-endowed headline will fit.'"

And there you have an excerpt from a cleverly named Tumblr -- Fifty Shades of Grey Advertising -- that 's giving adland its own dose of the smutty sensation that 's gripped American housewives, that horribly-written, S&M version of a Harlequin romance better known as "Fifty Shades of Grey ."

The website, which appears to have cropped up late last week, comically eroticizes new-business pitches, copywriting and the other daily drudge work of advertising. More on it here.

Rest assured this Tumblr is not affiliated with Jim Heekin-run Grey Advertising, run by WPP. It makes that clear on a Twitter bio promoting the site, which also declares: "I discovered I was a submissive when I joined my first ad agency."

So yeah, that happened.

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