Fill It to the Rim ... With 'Twin Peaks'

CBS/Paramount Launch Coffee-Themed Video Contest

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I never watched "Twin Peaks." And, more often than not, viewing anything from David Lynch gives me the uneasy feeling that I've just ingested bad acid and/or poisonous mushrooms. The only work of his I really enjoyed was "The Straight Story," a movie he directed but didn't write.

That said, I know that "Twin Peaks" has a lot of fans -- in the good ol' fanatic sense of the word --out there. And they'll be loving this push from CBS/Paramount promoting the recent release of the Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box Edition.

The Twin Peaks Coffee Brew Competition, which was created by Mammoth Advertising, asks fans to create their own coffee-centered video mash-ups. According to the site, "We have provided over 70 short, coffee related clips from TWIN PEAKS, as well as the theme song and over 20 still images for you to combine, mix, mash or recreate. So whether you like your Joe: 'black as midnight on a moonless night,' 'Damn fine...and hot!,' or with a side of cherry pie -- get percolating. We have no idea where this will take you, but we are sure it will be a place both wonderful and strange."

David Lynch will pick the winner. First prize includes a year's supply of Lynch's organically-grown coffee, David Lynch's Signature Cup brand, as well as a copy of the DVD
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