The Fine Art of Marketing

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We're going to name ours Paco!
We're going to name ours Paco!
Who needs a slobbering, destructive dog or an uppity, shedding cat, when you can have a fresh-out-of-the-box Genpet, "mass-produced, bio-engineered pets implemented today."

If you're wondering why you haven't read about this biological breakthrough in the news, it's because it never happened. The Genpet website is the product of 24-year-old Adam Brandejs, who describes himself as a sculptor and programmer.

He's also a pretty savvy marketer, it seems. He writes on his website: "I'm less of a traditional artist and more of a one-man assembly line. I never want to be limited by tools or media." That second sentence should be the mantra of all marketers these days. (Adam, by the way, is always looking for work).

Then again, all marketers should be so lucky as to come up with a product like Genpet.
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